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I need help picking a color

Hey Ladies,
I have a dress dilemma myself. My wedding is going to be in two parts. The ceremony is in Jamaica and I'm wearing a wedding gown. The reception is at my Dad's and is going to be casual but I want to wear a second dress because I'm the bride.

So I found the dress I want to buy but I have to pick the colors.
It is netting over satin so I need to pick two colors. I tried in on in brown netting over mauve which was very pretty but I really think I want to wear white or mostly white.
I could just get white on white or ivory on ivory but then I really wouldn't be able to wear it again. I'm considering mauve netting over ivory or white. But there are so many choices that I don't know which combination to choose. Please try and give me a suggestion.

This is the dress.

And these are the color choices.

Thanks, ML
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hey hey

First, I really like the dress, very pretty! And yeah the mauve and chocolate combo is super cute, but I can totally see where your coming from about wanting to where something a bit lighter in color. I actually thought the mist/ivory. I think you could get more wear out of it then the white/ivory one but yet its still on the lighter side and has the white underlay. The mauve might be pretty as well, i would say to go for the either the mist or mauve on top and the white underneath.

And i dont know if I've told you yet but CONGRATULATIONS!!! I cant wait to see pictures. hehe
ack totally used the wrong "wear" in there. haha Perhaps I should start making dresses as well. Jess you and I can start a business hehe
My vote is mauve or mist over white. What would nudge mauve over mist for the win is that I think mauve is very complimentary color on you.

Let us know what you decide!
i totally dig the mist too, and i think sticking with a light color is a good idea. kell's got a point though, i feel like mauve is a good color in you. i always default to greens.
it is a FABULOUS dress by the way! :)