Jessica_Gordon (jessica_gordon) wrote in 13birch,


i accepted an offer with Bartko, Zankel, Tarrant & Miller. They're a 30 lawyer firm, but they have a lot of the perks of working for a bigger company. They do real estate and business related litigation stuff (I guess I've got some lingo to learn). My boss seems very cool and very smart. She and I will pretty much make up the HR department which means I get to work on all different aspects of HR, which is great experience and exactly what I hoped to be doing. My title is HR Assistant, they gave me what I asked for which more than what I was making before, and its a better company! (haha, TeamPersona jerks!) So needless to say, I'm THRILLED! and very relieved. I start Monday.
its been an interesting day... i had a bad interview earlier, got a call from one of the other jobs i was interested in - i didn't get it, i hung up with them, starting crying, two seconds later the phone rang again and i got this offer. i went from low to high in 5 seconds. alls well that ends well. :) yay me!
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