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i accepted an offer with Bartko, Zankel, Tarrant & Miller. They're a 30 lawyer firm, but they have a lot of the perks of working for a bigger company. They do real estate and business related litigation stuff (I guess I've got some lingo to learn). My boss seems very cool and very smart. She and I will pretty much make up the HR department which means I get to work on all different aspects of HR, which is great experience and exactly what I hoped to be doing. My title is HR Assistant, they gave me what I asked for which more than what I was making before, and its a better company! (haha, TeamPersona jerks!) So needless to say, I'm THRILLED! and very relieved. I start Monday.
its been an interesting day... i had a bad interview earlier, got a call from one of the other jobs i was interested in - i didn't get it, i hung up with them, starting crying, two seconds later the phone rang again and i got this offer. i went from low to high in 5 seconds. alls well that ends well. :) yay me!
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CONGRATS Jess! That is awesome news!
thanks kelly! i'm so excited i couldn't sleep last night. hehe!
gaaaah! i know i've asked you this before but what is with that little thumbs up guy that sometimes appears on your comments?

*matching icons!
YAAAAY! man, i knew that whatever came along next would be an improvement, and i know you did too. and so nice that it's not an overwhelmingly large place. i used to think that id like to work in a huge office, but after being at the borough, i've seen that's got a ton of perks, too. good shit liking the boss - so far so good!
ahhh, the ups and downs of life...keep smiling, we're good people. good shis is bound to come our way. and it did! i am super-happy-doing-cartwheels-for-you over here. :)
thanks :)


February 10 2007, 21:31:42 UTC 11 years ago

Yay, Jess! I'm really happy and excited for you! good luck there! Its great that you'll be doing what you want to do too! Have fun too! Love ya!
Sorry its so late. (and that i am posting after just talking to you on the phone about the new J-O-B hehe) But CONGRATS :O) You're an awesome girl and they're lucky to have you grace their HR dept with your presence hehe PS dont forget to mention to the single, good-looking lawyers, that I'm coming out ;o)