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The ladies of 13 Birch (and Co.) [entries|friends|calendar]
13 Birch

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Feliz Navidad [26 Sep 2007|02:22pm]

I can't believe it, but I actually bought Christmas gifts yesterday.
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[07 Jul 2007|10:04am]

if you're not watching the Planet Earth series on Animal Planet, you should be! It's in-credible!
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Mascara [20 Jun 2007|09:06am]

I think I've found the ultimate drug store brand mascara.

It's called Define-a-lash by Maybelline. It has a rubber brush and separates your lashes perfectly. It also keeps them pretty soft which is nice. And you don't get that spider leg thing going on. It comes in a super bright green tube. Very easy to find.

I'd thought I'd share such an important find.

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[06 Jun 2007|12:15pm]

I'm at work. I can't get my brain to turn on. I hate that.
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[28 May 2007|08:09pm]

Hey guys!
Sorry I've fallen off the LJ planet lately but after being on the computer all day at work, I don't want to be on it at home very much. I would try to go on at work but I have trouble stopping. I feel like there's not enough time in the day to get everything done. I've been worried that maybe it's my time management skills but I brought it up to my boss in my review and she said I'm doing fine, we're just really that busy. It's truly crazy. But this is not a complaint. I really like it and I'd always rather be busy than bored. Anyway...

Have I told you about "critical mass"? The last Friday of every month, hundreds of cyclists ride through the streets during rush hour to make a statement about how we should all be riding our bikes. It's a cool sight. Especially since some are just doing it to piss off the drivers (b/c they pretty much shut down the roads for 10 minutes while they all go through). One time I saw a guy carrying a giant cross with him on his bike. ???

I was wondering about something the other day... How is it that crazy people know to stop at crosswalks? I've seen truly crazy people, having a conversation/argument with invisible people, stop and wait for the walk signal. Is it me or is that weird?

Cass, pics of the wedding dress!! Please!!!! I hate missing this stuff!
Miss you and I promise to be better about posting. :)
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Get my nails did... [17 May 2007|09:44am]

[ mood | busy ]

I need feedback - What are your thoughts on acrylic nails?

Not the big tacky ones, obviously. The nice, shorter, french manicure kind. Lately I've been wanting to get my nails done but sometimes I think that acrylics, even when done well, look, for lack of a better word, icky. Sometimes I think they look nice. I fluctuate back and forth.

So, before I get 'em done, I want your thoughts...

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So talented! :) [07 Mar 2007|01:45pm]

[ mood | Proud! ]

Click: Check out Jennie's fabulous art. Sketches, photography, mixed media...

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More Help [01 Mar 2007|04:23pm]

I need some ideas for Bridesmaid gifts. Everything I see on the bridal websites is so cheezy.

So my question is:

If you were going to receive a Bridesmaid gift what would you want? And how much do you think is right to spend?


P.S. my bridesmaids are traveling to Jamaica for me so I can't be too cheap but try to keep it under $100.
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[25 Feb 2007|08:20am]

read any good books lately?
i don't like the one i have and i can't keep doing sudoku on the bus. i'm becoming strangely addicted.
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[23 Feb 2007|02:46pm]

I made my dress decision.

I got the Bari Jay dress for the reception in white mesh over ivory satin.

I also ordered this Dessy dress in Jewel (its a shimmery medium green and it looks much better on the swatch) for a future occasion.

Thanks for the suggestions. It really did help.
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I need help picking a color [16 Feb 2007|12:56pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Hey Ladies,
I have a dress dilemma myself. My wedding is going to be in two parts. The ceremony is in Jamaica and I'm wearing a wedding gown. The reception is at my Dad's and is going to be casual but I want to wear a second dress because I'm the bride.

So I found the dress I want to buy but I have to pick the colors.
It is netting over satin so I need to pick two colors. I tried in on in brown netting over mauve which was very pretty but I really think I want to wear white or mostly white.
I could just get white on white or ivory on ivory but then I really wouldn't be able to wear it again. I'm considering mauve netting over ivory or white. But there are so many choices that I don't know which combination to choose. Please try and give me a suggestion.

This is the dress.

And these are the color choices.

Thanks, ML
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I'M EMPLOYED!!! [30 Jan 2007|04:53pm]

i accepted an offer with Bartko, Zankel, Tarrant & Miller. They're a 30 lawyer firm, but they have a lot of the perks of working for a bigger company. They do real estate and business related litigation stuff (I guess I've got some lingo to learn). My boss seems very cool and very smart. She and I will pretty much make up the HR department which means I get to work on all different aspects of HR, which is great experience and exactly what I hoped to be doing. My title is HR Assistant, they gave me what I asked for which more than what I was making before, and its a better company! (haha, TeamPersona jerks!) So needless to say, I'm THRILLED! and very relieved. I start Monday.
its been an interesting day... i had a bad interview earlier, got a call from one of the other jobs i was interested in - i didn't get it, i hung up with them, starting crying, two seconds later the phone rang again and i got this offer. i went from low to high in 5 seconds. alls well that ends well. :) yay me!
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NAKED! [30 Jan 2007|04:33pm]

Jess, J, this is for you:


Nope, no joke! And there's pics! He actually looks pretty good.
Is Daniel Radcliffe British?
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Jennie Rulz [25 Jan 2007|01:59pm]

Go to the 13 Birch page and scroll up - we have a new icon! Thanks to irishamrocker for whipping that up. It looks terrific.

We get 6 total - more ideas welcome, ladies...
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[19 Jan 2007|10:22am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Who has a copy of the latest Lil' Jess pics? We are slacking here, ladies. Did Vick take some?

Is she still in that pirate getup?!

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[11 Jan 2007|09:41am]

i had a follow up interview at the construction co on tues. i think it went very well and i really want it. they're going to let me know early next week so keep your fingers crossed for me.
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Fun-Due! [20 Dec 2006|03:49pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Ladies! I got a fondue set for my work pollyanna and I immediately thought of you! It's a smaller one so it just uses a teacandle, no fussing with that gel, but I hope everything melts okay. Anyway, we can do a cheese and broth or two cheeses or something at the same time. Maybe an early Friday.

Also, I'm going with the 28th for dinner. Looks like the 27th or 28th works best for all - so we gotta just pick one. That cool? Are we thinking a little city dining?

Happy Holidays, my loves! :)

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[12 Dec 2006|03:49pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Okay ladies, let's set some dates.
Jess is good anytime from the 26-30 (do I have this right?), but best to lay off the 30 if we can.

Jamie: What days are best for you?
Jeanine: What days are best for you?
K. London: We'll miss you, you sure you're not game?
Kell, Jennie any other comm. watchers: Any thoughts on a cool restaurant to hit, possibly in the city?

I'm going skating in NYC on Thurs!!! I bet your Thursday won't be half as cool.

I bet I'll get a lot of bruises.

This is Christmas puppies in a stocking to make you go awwww.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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[06 Dec 2006|05:26pm]

[ mood | cold ]

I like animals. Especially ones that are
better than me.

I like when he says "doodle."

Miss you guys! ALMOST POLLYANNA! BTW - does everyone know that we are repicking because Katie is out? Liam and I are repicking tonight. And in case you hadn't figured it out, Liam wants a wii.

He's so cute.

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[23 Nov 2006|03:15pm]

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